The bench press movement is a very important one in fitness. It will help your body in so many ways because it is a compound movement. It will help develop different muscles and even help with bone and joint health. It is one of the movements that has always been around. Below, I will talk a little more about what the benefits are of this movement.

Benefits of Bench PressEdit

Bench press works the pectoralis major muscles of the chest. It also uses the triceps which are the back of your upper arms. If this movement is performed on a regular basis, it will provide thicker or more toned muscle in those areas. This movement also takes a lot of energy so it will burn more calories than an isometric exercise. It will provide muscle mass and can lead to fat loss. This movement will also strengthen the bone and joints if done properly. Below is a great video that I encourage you to watch more about how this movement is done. 

How To Bench Press, Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Strength And Add Muscle Quickly And Safely03:42

How To Bench Press, Tips And Tricks To Increase Your Strength And Add Muscle Quickly And Safely

This is a great video explaining the movement!


Variations of Bench PressEdit

There are a few different variation of bench pressing. I would advise to watch the video linked to have to general understanding first of how to do bench press normally. Besides gripping the bar at shoulder width, one may grip the bar wider of closer then shoulder width. Do not go to wide of narrow because this may cause injury. Start slower if you want to change your grip style. The wider you grip, the more the chest muscles will be worked and the more narrow you grip, the more your triceps will be worked.

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