Here are the proven tips on How to Get a Slim Belly Fast. I lost 9 kilos in under 2 weeks using these all natural tricks!

1) Firstly, I started with something very simple, a very basic flat belly diet. I wrote down my realistic goals. What I mean by realistic is a diet that has minimal variation to my existing eating pattern. I didn't want to give up a double cheese burger with extra cheese for a pack of sultanate raisins, you know what I mean. Those would be unrealistic goals, which, I am not sure about you, but I won't be able to follow that kind of diet plan for more than 48 hours!

Now here comes the secret of losing belly fat!


Now, how do you do that?? You vary the type of food you take every other day. The truth is, if you feed your body with the same amount of calories everyday (by taking the same type of food), your body would not burn the calories but store them as.. yes, UGLY FAT!

So, by doing it the smart way, you will still be able to indulge in your favorite foods (which contains fat too) while maintaining a slim belly. This is literally cheating your body, but for a good reason of course!

2) Secondly, never do a calorie count

For very simple reasons,

1. Counting calories makes a diet time-consuming and complicated

2. Using that food calorie chart every day can lead to a dangerous obsession with food.

So no calorie counting, which makes losing belly fat even easier.

3) Thirdly, I had to break free unhealthy relationship with food. What I mean by unhealthy relationship is obsession. You cannot be obsessed with food that you have to take it regardless of what your diet plan says, as this will kill your diet plans. I had to give up my obsession for pastries, I still like them, but I am not obsessed with them.

4) Fourthly, I had to give up emotional eating. Emotional eating means you eat in response to your feelings, especially when you are not hungry. Your emotions dictate when and/or how much you eat, not your body. I had this habit of eating too much especially when I am distressed. So I gave that up!

These are easy to follow yet effective steps that I took towards losing my belly fat.

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