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Welcome to the Fitness Wiki

the wiki where people become the best they can be
We are currently working on 70 articles.

This wiki hosts a community of diverse fitness enthusiasts. Join in and share your passion for fitness, share a workout, share a diet, share training tips, provide info on your sport, host a community fitness club.

This wiki is for all forms of fitness; running, combat sports, mountain climbing, cycling, team sports, swimming, athletics, body building, dieting, yoga, anything, if it involves making you a better you, then this is the place for it.





Workout Of the Month (WOM)

100 Push-ups

Goal: Be able to do 100 continuous push-ups

The workout of the month for this month is push-ups. The goal is to be able to do 100 (a century) concurrent push-ups without rest by the end of the month. It does not matter if you are incredibly buffed, overweight, or have never done a push-up before. If you follow this months program, you should be able to do push-ups until the cows come home by the end of the month.

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