Leg Exercises For MenEdit

When you are attempting the leg exercises for men schedule, switch between back squats and front squats on your training days. For example, if you did front squats on your last leg day, do back squats on your next leg day. The purpose of doing this is to grow your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings evenly. This helps you to not only look better, but to also avoid injuries and muscle imbalances.

To begin every session, use a treadmill or stair stepper to warm up for a minimum of three minutes. This allows more blood to flow to your knees and is also a great way to get in state for what's ahead of you. Leg day requires a certain dedication to really be successful. Just know that if you push yourself to your limits, you will progress. This is especially true if you use the best lifting programs for men.

Following that, do leg extensions for two sets of 15 reps to further warmup your knees. The emphasis for warming up so much revolves around making sure you can continue to make gains for a long time to come!

Leg Exercises For Men - Compound ExercisesEdit

1a. Back Squat - This lift has earned it's spot as the queen of all lifts, right behind deadlifts. Back squatting is the most efficient movement there is. It helps to develop not only a solid pair of wheels and to tear down your central nervous system, but to add overall mass to your entire body.

1b. Front Squat- This lift is all about focusing in on your quads. They are awesome for keeping your quads up to bar with your hammies and glutes, which can get quite large with the right training! Another great part about them is that they help to build more thoracic extension- the act of being upright. It's what makes humans different from apes.

Leg Exercises For Men - Auxiliary Exercises:Edit

1. Lunges- These are primarily for developing your rear end, but also aid in helping to tie together your hammies, glutes, and quads. This really helps your muscle have great separation and look cut.

2. Leg press - These are all about the outer sweep of your quads. To help put emphasis on the outside part of your legs, keep your legs slightly inside shoulder width and up on the platform. It is imperative to bring your knees to your chest.