Ectomorph TransformationEdit

You want to have an ectomorph transformation, but you are skinny and have been told that you will remain that way for life. It seems like all of your friends and family further reinforce this fact. I couldn't tell you how wrong this is. Two years ago I was only 130 pounds. That wasn't even my start weight- I had been in the gym for two months already. I had a realization to make a lasting change one day. My personal journey was under way. I worked out in my room using simple workouts and didn't know anything about how to eat. I lifted barely anything on bench. I know that with the right steps, you can reach your goals too.

Ectomorph Transformation - A lifelong changeEdit

Don't let what others tell you wear you down- don't let it dictate your actions. You can have an insane transformation that will wow yourself! You have to develop a new state of mind that will allow you to make a different perspective on life. It only takes a single day to change how you think and to work towards a new you. I decided one day that I would decide what is best for me. You have to make sure you are enjoying the ride and having fun progressing. Progress is everything and as long as you are getting even 1% better every day, you are doing a good job. That doesn't mean you shouldn't reach for the stars though!

Time is extremely valuable and you have to want to be great. You will never get back another day- today is the day to have an ectomorph transformation!. There are only 86,400 seconds a day. What will you do with your time? Will you go be productive and accomplish your goals? Set specific targets that you desire and come up with a date for their realization. Then just make it a priority. Don't waver on your goals- you have to commit.

Ectomorph Transformation - Keep At It!Edit

During my last year of secondary school I worked out religiously. It was the first time I dedicated myself to something and saw it through. I would make sure to eat with an end goal in mind and not for taste. Bringing tubs of food to class didn't make me look cool. In fact, people made fun of me. However, it didn't phase me one bit because I know what I want in life and so should you!

One mistake I made was over training and not allowing my body to heal. I was working out twice a day. Once I stopped my morning lift sessions, I began to further my ectomorph transformation. Always be flexible and willing to change things up to see better results.